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A.M.I Public school - Best Day School in Dehradun

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Experts and Passionate Teachers

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We Believe Every Child is Creative in his own way!

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A Place your child will love to Be!

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Experts and Passionate Teachers

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    Learning & Fun

    Our concept of education turn learning into fun!

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    Innovative Approach

    We bring innovation to teaching.

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    Expert Teachers

    Our teachers are experts and passoniate.

About Us

Picasso once said, that "all children are born artists. The problem is to remain an artist as we grow up ". We believe this passionately, that we don't grow into creativity, we grow out of it. Or rather, we get educated out of it. A.M.I Public School has become one of the best day school in dehradun. A.M.I school is among the Best school for practical education in dehradun. It is the endeavor of A.M.I Public School to provide the best practical education in dehradun to the students with the aim of producing caring and responsible citizens and leaders of the future. Our intent is to provide quality education and students are happy while receiving the highest quality education.

A.M.I is working tirelessly towards a platform...


Our Benefits

  • Education games and activities

  • Teaching kids to express their creativity

  • Gifted & Talented Program

  • Music activities for all

  • Learning languages

  • We encourage an honest, open culture

  • We put children first

Working Hours

Our school works with following schedule, still we believe that learning is always on!

  • Monday 8.00 AM - 2 PM

  • Tuesday 8.00 AM - 2 PM

  • Wednesday 8.00 AM - 2 PM

  • Thursday 8.00 AM - 2 PM

  • Friday 8.00 AM - 2 PM

  • Saturday 8.00 AM - 2 PM

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Enroll Your Child To A Class

Get your child enrolled to a new way of learning. It's not just a school but a place where we encourage creativity based learning. Your child will grow and shape the society, not the other way round.

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